In This Corner of The World – Political ‘Incorrectness’ within Historical ‘Accuracy’

*This article contains spoilers. And the opinions of the writer in this article are his own and his own only. They may not even be accurate for he is not a historian.   I had a conversation with a friend who had strong opinions after watching this movie about the main character – of Suzu’s… Continue reading In This Corner of The World – Political ‘Incorrectness’ within Historical ‘Accuracy’

Film: Bad Genius

It has been quite some time since I’ve laughed and enjoyed this much watching a movie. The last time I recall, was a viewing of Sion Sono’s epic 4 hour long absurdist film Love Exposure. This movie, Bad Genius about intelligent students making a business out of helping lesser students cheat in their exams is a… Continue reading Film: Bad Genius

Film: Sweet Bean (An)

I must confess, despite having a big love for Japanese Cinema, I have never watched a film by the Cannes regular; Naomi Kawase till now. With the release of the 2017 Cannes Line-up, I have decided to finally watch one of her films in preparation for ‘Hikari’ Kawase’s film that will be screening at Cannes… Continue reading Film: Sweet Bean (An)

Film: Ghost in the Shell (2017)

I recall my first time watching ‘Ghost in the Shell’ rather fondly. Not the 2017 version, but the original 1995 animated film adaptation of Masamune Shirow’s ‘Ghost in the Shell’ manga series by Mamoru Oshii. While the 1995 film was a little heavy on the exposition side, the film overall turned out to be highly captivating;… Continue reading Film: Ghost in the Shell (2017)

Film: Travelling Circus

The film opens with a view of the bleak, barren world. Horses pulling a carriage travel across the empty landscape. From the film’s title we can infer that the people in the carriage and travelling alongside it are the titular travelling circus. When they arrive at the village, they look at the people in the… Continue reading Film: Travelling Circus

Film: Love Exposure

‘Love Exposure’ is a cult film of cult films. It first starts out comically absurd and then it flips everything and turns into a serious drama built on top of the ridiculous elements previously established. This is a movie that wants to play the audience’s emotions – not in a overly manipulative, Hitchcock sort of… Continue reading Film: Love Exposure

Film: The Accountant

The Accountant is a movie that is as ridiculous and incoherent as it is sincere. Ben Affleck plays the eponymous accountant, Christian Wolff, an autistic savant gifted with the powers of mathematical and financial wizardry. When he was young, his father had made the decision to not allow his autistic son to work with a… Continue reading Film: The Accountant