Film: Love Exposure

‘Love Exposure’ is a cult film of cult films. It first starts out comically absurd and then it flips everything and turns into a serious drama built on top of the ridiculous elements previously established. This is a movie that wants to play the audience’s emotions – not in a overly manipulative, Hitchcock sort of… Continue reading Film: Love Exposure

Film: The Accountant

The Accountant is a movie that is as ridiculous and incoherent as it is sincere. Ben Affleck plays the eponymous accountant, Christian Wolff, an autistic savant gifted with the powers of mathematical and financial wizardry. When he was young, his father had made the decision to not allow his autistic son to work with a… Continue reading Film: The Accountant

Film: After the Storm

Full disclosure: My favorite film is Kore-eda’s first fictional feature Maboroshi no Hikari and I am generally an enthusiast of his films. (But I do not like Like Father Like Son) It opens with a scene of a family home. Quiet, Peaceful, Serene. It sets the tone for what is to come. Throughout the film… Continue reading Film: After the Storm