Anime: One Punch Man


It has come to my attention that the manga series ‘One Punch Man’ written by ONE has garnered quite a following, and especially since the anime adaptation by the studio Madhouse had aired .

I will first say that I have nothing against Madhouse and in fact Madhouse did make some of greatest animation films with the great master Satoshi Kon and they were the studio that did a stellar job animating, Texhnolyze one of my favorite anime series out there in the anime industry.  However, I do not feel that the adaptation for One Punch Man does justice to the original manga series by ONE. (Yes, ONE not the remake which is illustrated by Yusuke Murata)

Despite all of the stellar animation and great action scenes within the anime, this anime has failed to impress me. It does not do anything interesting or new with the subject material and in fact seems to focus more on the spectacle and action rather than the comedic juxtaposition of the main character himself. Also I felt that too much of the series was too dramatized, it made the anime feel more cliche than it needed to be and distracted me from the comedy.
The music for this is quite good but is nothing amazing in my opinion, there isn’t a piece of music which I can listen to it without any visuals and still have a good time, it suits the anime but it doesn’t stand out by itself.
Most of the gags from the manga managed to translate quite well into the moving medium. There is one particular scene that I read from the manga where Genos was saying his whole life story and Saitama made a comment on the length of it and told him to shorten it and as I watched the episode I found it quite interesting how they managed to translate it from manga form to video.

While One Punch Man may not be the worst anime I have ever seen it is quite a let down. Especially since I loved the original web manga by ONE, the art may be a lot worst than Yusuke Murata’s adaptation however the plainness and ugliness of the art I felt really added to the parody nature of the material and in fact added to the story and jokes rather than take away from it. This animation series is exactly the same how I feel about the manga remake, it looks a lot better and has basically the same stories and in fact has more stories than the original, but it didn’t inherit the heart and soul of the original that made it unique and hilarious.

Despite how much I didn’t really like about the anime, I have to say that it is probably the best anime of the season. In fact it is the only anime of this season that I can actually watch without wanting to lose all faith in the Japaneses anime industry. I would recommended reading the manga instead of the anime since I feel that the gags work better in the manga than in the anime but if you don’t read manga or don’t like to, the anime is fine as well.


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