Manga: Hitoribocchi no Chikyuu Shinryaku

Hitoribocchi no Chikyuu Shinryaku is a Shonen manga written and illustrated by Ogawa Maiko. It follows the main protagonist Hirose Kouichi as he gets to know an eccentric girl masquerading as an Alien Invader. To put it simply, this manga is absolutely fantastic and I highly recommend this for all to try. Despite the rather cliched first chapter, the manga picks up the pace in the later chapters asking with some thought provoking questions on existence, memories and self. However, don’t get your hopes to high up as it doesn’t go that indepth with those themes like the manga ‘homunculus’ does. The main enjoyment I got from reading are the character interactions, especially the one with the main lead and the female heroine, the characters are well developed and the plot is well paced.
The art of the manga is also worth noting, it’s simple and not exactly what I will consider to be the best looking manga, however it is extremely versatile and transitions smoothly between simple and effective comedy sequences to the standard action, fight scenes to serene and surreal images.

The manga is still on-going and I only read it till chapter 43 so I can’t say for sure of the quality beyond that point.
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