An introduction

Hello there, please excuse my terrible name of erogemaniac. It’s a joke, as to why I chose it as my name? Well, it has a nice ring to it doesn’t it.
My name is John.T.Brooke and I am just your average Joe, I have a deep passion for the arts and do a little writing here and there in my free time. To be absolutely honest, there is no real purpose to the creation of this site, so basically I will just post stuff that I think is interesting content. Note: Interesting not quality.
Most likely, the content post here will be anime/ manga recommendations, book recommendations, film recommendations and some on my thoughts on some topics I want to talk about. Also I will post some of my writing here, and it is very amateurish, with quite some writing errors since I always miss my mistakes when checking my work. So I hope that if you do happen to be interested in my low-quality writing, I would really appreciate it if you did give me some constructive criticism or tell me your general reaction to the fiction.

Thank you for reading and I wish you all fair day.


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